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The Importance of an Income Plan in Retirement

With years of experience in the insurance and investment industry, we understand the importance of saving and investing for retirement.  However, when clients reached retirement there was often a lack of direction as to how to SPEND those assets.  There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding retirement.  

  • Will I run out of money?

  •  Have I saved enough?  

  • Can we afford to buy a retirement home?

  • Will there be money left to leave to my family?  

  • How much can I spend?

  • What if there is another market crash?  Will I have to go back to work?

Income Planning Group, LLC strives to bring peace of mind by creating a simple and easy to understand personalized income plan for each of our clients.  We will show you how much income your assets should provide to you over your expected lifetime in retirement and how various spending goals fit into your plan.    We offer strategies for improving your income in retirement, even if you are no longer saving! We help you improve your chances of not outliving your assets.  How you take your money out of your assets can be as important as how much you save.